KAREN DONNELLY- Style Coach ™ /  Personal Stylist

MIASC (Member of the International Association of Style Coaches™)

  • Body shape Analysis
  • Colour Consultation
  • Wardrobe Declutter
  • Personal Shopping
  • Make-up & Grooming Advice

If the term “stuck in a rut” sounds familiar then look no further.  As a qualified Style Coach™ Karen Donnelly will help you become the very best you can, both internally and externally, by expressing your own unique style. 

By gently addressing low self-esteem and confidence issues using life coaching methods, Karen will help you embrace new changes.  Karen will identify your own unique body shape (did you know there are 9 different body shapes for women, and 3 for men?), and educate you on the shape, style and colour of clothes that suit you as an individual.

The next stage in this process is the wardrobe declutter.  Karen will assist by reviewing all items in your wardrobe and help you decide what should stay, what should go, or what items could be changed with minor tailoring or the addition of accessories.  Clients find this process extremely therapeutic and enjoyable.  Advice and guidance on hairstyles, make-up and grooming is also part of the service.

Also on offer is the personal shopping trip when Karen will address the gaps in your wardrobe and together put into practice your new shopping techniques in accordance with your needs and budget.  Karen will ensure you enjoy every element of your shopping trip.

**All services can be tailored to suit your individual needs so feel free to call Karen today**