Donna W, 54 yrs, Dundee :

“Had a great session with Karen, which was fun, therapeutic and a fab insight into what I should and could be wearing! Every female, who has a wardrobe full of clothes, but nothing to wear should have a session.  I now know, after 40 years that I am a different shape to what I thought I was!! Shopping is much easier and I have stopped buying “stuff” for the sake of it.  Anything I now buy, now fits with what I have or need (apart from the odd slip!) and makes deciding what to wear a whole lot simpler.  Well worth the time, effort and cost."

Fiona, 37 yrs, Fife:

"When mum handed me Karen's website details I had hit a low in terms of confidence and feelings of self-worth.  I was sick of feeling rubbish about myself, hated going shopping as I had no idea what suited me, spent money buying clothes that I never wore and generally needed a confidence and style overhaul.  The appeal of going to Karen was that she would not just consider my appearance, helping me establish what my body shape was, and considering styles and colours that might suit me, but also the consideration ofmy self-esteem and confidence.  My initial meeting with Karen was relaxed, informal and wonderfully informative; she even put me at ease about the de-clutter!  Apprehensive at first, I found the de-clutter enjoyable and surprisingly therapeutic. Throughout the process, I further understood what styles suited me and thoroughly enjoyed throwing out clothes that made me feel bad about myself.  I also thoroughly enjoyed the personal shopping trip with Karen and went home with a whole new wardrobe that I have taken full advantage of over the summer.  I'd highly recommend the whole experience; I have lost count of the compliments I have received about the way I am dressing now, in turn, my confidence has soared, I finally enjoy going shopping and know what suits me, and, for the first time in years, I enjoy getting dressed!"

Wendy MacLean, 42 yrs, Glasgow :

"From having nothing to wear to finding shopping a nightmare I really appreciated Karen's expert help and guidance to help me find my way.  Karen has the patience of a Saint and spent time explaining my body shape, colours and most importantly helped me find my own unique style.  I now wonder what I would have done without Karen's expert advice as she is my fashion guru and I've learned that shopping is all about accessorising and you don't need to spend a fortune to tranform your wardrobe - I bought one beautiful red belt which I can create 3 different looks from.  Karen is a great listener and very professional with a great eye for fashion.  I would recommend a little bit of Karen to everyone and you'd be amazed by the results - its the best present I've received from my husband and he is certainly loving the results and especially the skinny jeans!! "

Zohreh, 67 yrs, Edinburgh :

"I received Karen's personal coaching & style as a Christmas present from my beloved daughter - the best person ever !  I am such a lucky Mom indeed! Having working for years in demanding jobs as an academic, scientist & as a single Mom (my favourite job!), while surviving double cancer and divorce, had not left me with much time, energy or will to look after myself, which became a bad habit on my retirement.  Then came Karen to the rescue and what a transformation!  Karen's expertise, genuine kindness, hard work, understanding, helpfulness, and her love of what she does made this the best experience of my rather eventful life.  I have lived and worked in Edinburgh, San Francisco & LA for many years, and LA, as you would expect, have come across many coaches, stylists etc, but I have never known anyone as genuine, and as good as Karen.  With her coaching you don't just remove clutters from your wardrobes, you remove clutters from your life, and doing it all while having fun and a great time with her.  In addition, you are are inspired, feeling reborn, and filled with joy again, as I truly have.  I cherish the great experience I had, and am so lucky to know her.  A big thank you Karen.

Anon, 42 yrs, Scottish Borders :

"My session with Karen was actually a few months ago now, but I've been so busy enjoying a newly decluttered wardrobe since then to write a review!  I really enjoyed my wardrobe declutter with Karen, and she made me feel good about myself.  Even better, she made sure that I understood the reasons for the suggestions that she made, which means that my time with her has had lasting results.  I now have fewer clothes but with much more variety and more accessories, and I have received so many compliments recently.  The changes suggested by Karen were not drastic but now I pay much more attention to the shape of my clothes, and I didn't realise what a difference that makes to how I look and feel.  Thank you Karen! "

Nichola Aitchison, 32 yrs, Edinburgh :

"I was very lucky when the opportunity to work with Karen fell into my lap shortly after I had my second daughter.  Initially I felt a little vulnerable and reluctant to admit to some of my insecurities, however our first consultation very quickly felt like a chat with an honest and open friend. Since then, with Karen's help, I have refreshed my approach to dressing, grooming and shopping and have decluttered my wardrobe only to find I had a great selection of clothes which only needed a few pieces to keep it up to date and functional.  Karen is inspiring without being intimidating.  She is understanding and always ready to offer practical solutions.  I would not hesitate to recommend this process to anyone as you will undoubtedly leave it feeling confident, refreshed and ready to tackle whatever the world throws at you! "

Annon, 54 yrs old, Edinburgh :

"Style coaching with Karen is a wonderful and energising experience. It was liberating to learn from Karen what styles and shapes of clothing suit my body shape. It makes clothes shopping so much easier and more rewarding. The day when we went shopping together was an eye opener. I couldn't believe how quickly and with apparent ease we found clothes that worked so well and didn't cost a fortune either. Karen has a great eye for style and a natural ability to share this with her very happy clients."

Tracey Lees, 39 yrs old, Edinburgh :

"Having recently become a new Mum, I found myself hiding underneath oversized clothes.  The wardrobe analysis and declutter was long overdue and a thoroughly enjoyable experience.  Karen was excellent in giving me the confidence to wear clothes that actually fitted me and transformed me from Slummy to Yummy Mummy !  Karen introduced me to shops that I'd never ventured into before and helped me find my shopping mojo.  As a result, I feel Karen had helped me return to the fashion world that I had been out of for some time"

Dr Pamela King, 40 yrs, Dundee :

"Wouldn't it be great to open your wardrobe and be spoiled for choice as to what fantastic outfit to wear ? - that's how I used to feel and that's exactly what Karen has provided me with.  Getting dressed in the morning used to be a real chore with time wasted changing from one ill-fitting outfit to another, nowadays I can't remember the last time I didn't feel great about what I was wearing. Karen showed me what shapes and colours suit my body and gave me the confidence to wear them.  Shopping for clothes is now enjoyable (and more efficient) because I know exactly what shapes suit my figure and my wardrobe is full of clothes that I know flatter me.

For anyone considering using a Style Coach, my advice would be to book a session with Karen asap then wait for the compliments to flood in !"

Yasmin Lutton, 45 yrs, Edinburgh :

"I was hugely confident in Karen's Style Coaching skills as she is so stylish and well presented herself.  Following my Style Coaching sessions with Karen I no longer spend hours panicking about what to wear and trying everything on in my wardrobe. Dressing up is now a pleasurable experience and know that everything in my wardrobe now suits my shape and colouring.  I now go to my wardrobe and pick out an outfit straight away for any given occasion and know that it will fit me properly, that it will suit me and that I feel good in it.  Additionally shopping is so much more focussed and considered now.  I only buy items which I need and which suit me in terms of shape and size, and I consider how often I am likely to wear/use the item and what accessories will go with it.  The Style Coaching session I had with Karen has changed my entire outlook on my image, shopping and increased my self confidence immeasurably.  A truly life changing experience."

Maggie Legget, 40 yrs, Edinburgh :

"The Style Coaching I underwent with Karen has completely transformed my life.  Karen has given me the tools and techniques to not only improve my confidence but to get me thinking more positively in general by focusing on my good points and having a more positive outlook.  By doing this, areas of my body and life that I was less happy with have dissipated.  I am now planning to declutter more of my life, not just my wardrobe.  However, the wardrobe declutter was extremely cathartic and has simplified my life by making it so easy to choose what to wear knowing it suits my shape - I now regularly wear dresses and also wear a little make-up every day.  I have lost count of the number of compliments I've received since this transformation.  I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Karen's Style Coaching services which she undertakes in a professional, supportive and encouraging way"